Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Be Brave

Your first impression will be that I had lost my mind switching jobs at age 51 in the world’s 2010 economy. I had the normal 5-day a week job, guaranteed paycheck every other Friday,and  a job that began with that familiar green “ON” button. For those who no longer own an archaic computer, it is those towering metal boxes whose fan at times can be noisier than your thoughts with that button you come to rely on for your sanity.

So, let it be known, when upgrading your life from the normal everyday mundane comfort, never change hardware and programs when deadlines loom. I have never looked away from a challenge.
that whole "I am woman hear me roar." So, when the opportunity presented itself to work from home using my beloved computer, I knew it was a preordained challenge; a challenge from the superpower of technology.

How hard could it be, I thought, to use the internet to access audio files, and a laptop to create a written document from the spoken word of strangers? The first new job task, research. I could no longer trust my home desktop, emachines – etower Series e, Edition 1999.12, which consisted of a machine that was conceived in 1998, even if it had sold over 5 million PC around the world.

It had become bogged down with overloads and hidden viruses, so I told my husband as a way to move us into the 21st century, I needed a laptop. Of course, the internet was my chosen Pandora, regarding the right laptop and transcription equipment needed to succeed at my career change. Toshiba won me over but not for any one particular feature. If I am to be honest, it does look quite hot in black, and I can carry it from my office to the kitchen table to check emails. Try doing that with your emachine.

Now, it was not my Toshiba, or the swift connect to the internet to retrieve my required audio that caused tears. It was all about the operator. My eyes blur, even now, as I remember the 5 hours of writing I lost from a save button I thought was working. I learned the hard way, laptop once purchased, woman roaring, “I know what I'm doing! I do not need man at Best Buy to load program!” is the sign of woman owning the first emachine.

I spent another 5 hours searching the internet of OZ for the all-knowing answer on how I could recover my lost writings. The answer I received from internet OZ, trust man at Best Buy store or purchase product key, even if it is a trial product key, if you want your programs to work on your new hardware.

For all the suffering, I did meet my deadline with my hot laptop. And the internet, it is my new best friend.

**By the way, the photo, it is with my laptop cam, LOVE IT! I am trying to figure out how to cam talk with family, of course they first need to get a webcam... Hint, Hint. ***

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  1. Very Nice BIO!!!
    Excellent pic of you as well with your laptop "CAM". LOL!!! Mom