Thursday, December 30, 2010

Silk Underwear

Siuslaw River ~ East

The winds had died down, the hail had ceased, and the rains were no longer beating my window. The sun crisp on the water caused sparkles of diamond droplets with the morning clouds whispering across the foothills like silk underwear...
Is that possible? The Lord made silk underwear for the foothills... LOL, I crack myself up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adults Do Still Hop

Florence ~OR (11/2010)

I had just snuggled deep into the down comforter, warm at last, not knowing it was God's blanket of white that had settled over the outside chill.
A whisper came from my husband..."it is white out." Groaning, I emerged from the bed and peered out the window.
WHAT.... "it snowed, it snowed, Oh my... look at it, way cool"
Running bare feet from window to window, I hopped with excitement. Something as simple as snowflakes touched the child within and instantly filled me with joy. If I could only wake every morning with this brightness.
Could it be at 51, I am still young enough to hop, could that be the secret? What other inner child moments can I release to bring a rush of life's happiness.