Thursday, June 23, 2011

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100 Journals/Sketch Books Challenge for 2011/2012

I am creating unique one of a kind journals/sketch books for sale through my Etsy store.
The are a 7-day journal made with recycled/discarded book covers. The inside consists of 7 pages of 140lb watercolor paper that can be used for all mediums and even adhering embellishments.

I wanted the 7-day journals to be the beginning for the novice as well as a challenge for the avid journal lover; one week, 7-days of special moments in one's life.
I have tried working with larger journals and found them over whelming to fill every page. By working with one week at a time it gives me the feeling of completion. When I start the next week with a new journal it was like starting a new adventure.

Hope you will take the time to visit my Etsy site at

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  1. I am so looking forward to your next Journals.
    You do such beautiful work Pamela....Mom