Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adults Do Still Hop

Florence ~OR (11/2010)

I had just snuggled deep into the down comforter, warm at last, not knowing it was God's blanket of white that had settled over the outside chill.
A whisper came from my husband..."it is white out." Groaning, I emerged from the bed and peered out the window.
WHAT.... "it snowed, it snowed, Oh my... look at it, way cool"
Running bare feet from window to window, I hopped with excitement. Something as simple as snowflakes touched the child within and instantly filled me with joy. If I could only wake every morning with this brightness.
Could it be at 51, I am still young enough to hop, could that be the secret? What other inner child moments can I release to bring a rush of life's happiness.

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  1. I love the picture. Of course the Lord make silk underwear. *smile*....Mom